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Zojirushi Group Social Media Policy

Zojirushi Group considers social media as an important place to communicate with our customers. Zojirushi Group’s official social media accounts will comply with the basic stance set forth below.

Basic stance when posting on social media

  1. Be aware that information posted on the Internet is accessed by an unspecified number of users, and that the content can have an impact.
  2. Recognize that communication through social media will build better relationships with users and society and will greatly contribute to increasing the value of the Zojirushi brand.
  3. Remember to listen to other’s opinion, and respect users.
  4. Be careful to avoid misunderstandings and take responsibility for our own posts and responses.
  5. Refrain from posting inappropriate information such as content including personal information, discrimination against race, ideas, beliefs, etc., or information that is contrary to public order and morals.
  6. Strongly recognize that once published, information cannot be completely deleted.
  7. We will strictly comply with related laws and regulations, and will not infringe on the basic human rights, copyrights, or image rights of third parties, participate in defamation of third parties due to slander, or any other infringement of rights.

To customers and users

  • Please note that the information posted by Zojirushi Group and its employees on social media does not necessarily represent the views of the Group.
  • Official announcements and opinions will be posted on the Group’s website and news releases.
  • Please note that the information issued by any of the official social media accounts are as of the time of transmission and is subject to change without notice.