ZOJIRUSHI exhibited at “AMBIENTE 2020”,
the world’s leading trade fair for consumer goods
in Frankfurt, Germany
~From 7th of February to 11th of February, 2020~

Thank you for visiting our booth!

We would like to thank you for visiting our booth at AMBIENTE.
You can download the products information from below, and please feel free to contact us
if you have any questions or inquiries.

To expand business in Europe, ZOJIRUSHI exhibited at “AMBIENTE 2020” in Frankfurt, Germany. Aiming to open up new sales channels, ZOJIRUSHI showcased its core products, Stainless Vacuum Bottles and Glass Vacuum Carafes.ZOJIRUSHI is in its 2nd year of its midterm plan “ADAPT”, and aims to expand its business through existing channels, as well as in new markets. With special emphasis on developing the European market, ZOJIRUSHI once again participated in AMBIENTE for its second consecutive year.ZOJIRUSHI had a Japanese [WA] theme in both its booth and its products. The collaboration between Japanese art director Nishioka Pencil and ZOJIRUSHI has created a new line of bottles with a modern and sophisticated pattern and a motif of traditional Japanese Kimono-style “flower” prints and “kana” characters.


Japanesque Hana + Kana Collection

An elegant Japanesque design with the letters “あい (AI)” and floral patterns.
The Kana letters “あい (AI)” means “love” in Japanese.
The flowers that blossom where the letters “あい (AI)” connect symbolize Kizuna, or a bond between people that cannot be broken.

Plum blossoms have always been valued for their vitality and beauty as they bloom in winter. (It is an auspicious flower that, combined with pine and bamboo, is called “松竹梅 (shochikubai)”.)
The (geometric) pattern of the background comes from the letter “久 (Ku)”, and is likened to the branch of the plum tree.

“久 (Ku)” meaning “forever”, was selected in the hopes of unchanging bonds and longevity. It is also the origin of the Katakana “ク (Ku)” and Hiragana “く (Ku)”


Art DirectorNishioka Pencil

Incorporating your favorite artwork into daily life; this has been practiced since the JOMON period, to enrich one’s quality of life. The artwork for these bottles aim to do the same. Japanese patterns mean more than just a design, and Japanese characters (kana) are not only a letter, but something that conveys emotion. By combining Japanese characters and patterns, I’ve tried to create a sort of lyricism in the products, and hope many people love our products, especially in areas with different cultures from ours.


Born in Kyoto. Graduated from Visual Arts at Kanazawa College of Arts and Crafts. After working numerous advertising campaigns for Dentsu Co., Ltd., he established NISHIOKA PENCIL Co., Ltd. in 2006. Nishioka is from a family of kimono craftsmen, and his grandfather was an accomplished artist known for his bird’s-eye-view paintings. Thus naturally he’s been inspired by Japan’s fundamental beauty and culture since his childhood.

Instagram ⇒ @nishiokapencil

Japanese Quality Thermal Carafe

A glass vacuum carafe with a gentle and elegant shape, with a metal accent on the handle, and an IMONO-like texture for its body, delivering a taste of Japan to your everyday life.