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Convenience, Style, and Good Taste - The Hallmarks of Zojirushi

Since introducing its first glass-lined vacuum bottle, Zojirushi has continued to pursue excellence in the development of products that preserve the delicious taste of food.

 Rice is without question the staple of the Japanese diet. In seeking to create innovative devices for maintaining the warmth and proper texture of cooked rice, Zojirushi has developed several groundbreaking electric cooking appliances. In 1970, the Company drew on its own rice-heating technologies to develop and launch the world's first electric rice warmer that achieves optimal temperature control. This invention marked the start of Zojirushi's electric cooking appliance business.

 In 1974, Zojirushi launched a unique appliance for electrically steaming rice and maintaining it at serving temperature. Since that time, the Company has continued to create progressively more advanced rice cookers that bring out the full flavor of each grain of rice, including models incorporating such features as high-pressure induction-heating (IH) rice pans, extrahigh-power and thicker rice pans for even heat distribution, and vacuum-sealed rice pans that better retain heat. Moreover, Zojirushi's sophisticated technologies have revolutionized the design of electric air pots. Zojirushi product development initiatives respond to customer needs, leading to the market launch of highly energy-efficient electric air pots whose interior designs are similar to thermal carafes.

Currently, Zojirushi has developed such varied products as hot plates, toaster ovens, coffee machines, and bread machines.

 Consumers today want cooking appliances that not only produce delicious food but also save time, labor, and energy. Also, because these are home appliances, they should be stylish. Zojirushi's high-quality, high-performance products fulfill these requirements, making cooking a more pleasant experience and thereby winning widespread acclaim in the industry.