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Creating Comfortable Living Environments for the Future by Focusing on the Fundamentals of Daily Life

Zojirushi's vacuum-insulated products have become fixtures in households around the world thinks to their ability to keep all kinds of food at ideal temperatures. The Company helps people enjoy more comfortable lifestyles by offering new solutions for food preparation and preservation. Today, Zojirushi’s commitment to improving people's lifestyles remains as strong as ever and is expressed through a broadening range of high-quality, high-performance everyday products.

Amid growing concerns regarding the environment, Zojirushi is working to meet consumers’ diverse health-related needs by developing a wide range of products designed to help improve well-being. We have created humidifiers that utilize technologies used in electric air pots, slim and elegant air purifiers, and other unique products that leverage our wealth of experience in developing household-use products through a process that focuses on development from the consumers’ point of view.

Besides other types of household-use products, Zojirushi is vigorously developing various industrial equipment. Responding to the needs of Japan’s growing senior citizen population, we have developed innovative insulated containers that are attractive and highly durable as well as efficiently maintain temperature, making them ideal for catered dining. Furthermore, the Company is working to enhance the safety of senior citizens living alone by offering best-selling appliances with unique features, such as an air pot pour button that sends a signal to a regional treatment center every time it is pressed. This signal confirms to care givers that the elderly persons under their care are safe. In such ways, Zojirushi looks closely at the fundamentals of daily living to create products that promote appreciation of everyday life by being in tune with people’s needs.